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In partnership with the City of Calgary Neighbourhood Connections, Safer Cycling Calgary presents the Saddleridge Family Bike Rodeo. 

Family Bike Rodeo!

cyclist pilons

The Family Bike Rodeo (Level 2: Cycling Basics course) is a "playground" based event that introduces cyclists to key bike handling skills they will need to ride safely on the road. It does not focus on traffic situations. Our belief is that learning traffic skills must happen on the road.

This course is designed for children aged 7+ and their parents. It is important that participants go on from the Rodeo to participate in a Level 3 course (kidsfamily or adults).

Level 2 Course Description:

90 minute session
For cyclists 7 and up, without training wheels; parents are encouraged to participate. The skills targeted in this course address major injury prevention concerns for children who cycle. As with swimming lessons, an investment now in cycling training for children can pay off in prevention of serious injury, and lead to greater enjoyment.


  • Helmet and clothing check
  • Bike fit and check
  • Straight line riding
  • Shoulder checking
  • Signalling
  • Braking and stopping
  • Stop and go
  • Bike security

Other activities may include: 

  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Start and coast
  • Start and pedal
  • Start, pedal, stop
  • Obstacles and games

figure 8

balance board








Please note all participants are required to have a bike that fits and is in good working order and a current, properly fitted helmet. No training wheels permitted. Parents that are not participating MUST stay on site. 

We are excited to share that Velofix mobile bike repair will be on site to attend to any bike repairs needed. 

(This is not a learn to ride course; all participants must be able to ride without training wheels. If you or your child needs to learn how to ride, see Level 1/Learn to Ride)



CAN-BIKE Instructor Certification Process

Thank you for your interest in pursuing CAN-BIKE Instructor Certification. This page will tell you more about the process so you can make an informed decision. 

1. Take Level 4, including completing online learning with 80% or higher grade, completing on-bike evaluation with 80% or higher grade and completing written (multiple choice) test (budget an extra hour on the last day of the course) with 80% or higher grade. 
2. Attend a Level 4 course, to view it from a teaching perspective rather than a student's. 
3. Take Level 5 course: this course is currently done by a National Examiner based in BC so scheduling will have to be arranged with him (he can come to Calgary for it). It will take a full weekend and cost approximately $500. 
4. Co-teach (teach with supervision) two Level 4 courses. 
5. Complete a written (long-answer) test with the Level 5 instructor & receive your certification if he thinks that you have met all criteria. 

Depending on when you are considering taking the Level 4 course, and what the schedule is with the National Examiner and other Level 4 courses, you may not be able to complete certification in one year. You will also be required to attend/co-teach other courses in addition to Level 4, to complete certification. 

Once you are certified, you will have to maintain membership with CAN-BIKE Canada and meet all their requirements to do so. 

Employment opportunity:
Safer Cycling Calgary is actively searching for staff for the current year and future years. If you are interested in working with SCC, you can be paid for the courses you attend during your training period. Once you are certified, you will be able to set your own schedule, teaching courses when you want and letting SCC handle all the registration process, marketing and recruiting assistants. 

There are 2 streams of focus: 
1. Level 1 courses, almost exclusively on weekends (adult and/or child). 
2. Level 3 courses, exclusively on weekdays - community-based afternoon courses, daycamps in the summer and eventually directly to schools in May & June. 
As a Certified Instructor, you will not be limited to teaching within these streams and there will be opportunities to teach Level 3 to adults as well as Level 4 courses; these are just the areas of focus. 

2018 wage expectations: $15/hr for assistant/training-level instructors, $20/hr for Certified Instructors (negotiable, may vary depending on level of course).