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Level 1B: Fundamentals of Pathway Cycling

This is an unofficial course, ie it is not CAN-BIKE "approved." bike path

Level 1B aka the pathway course is also known as the time saver course as it is things you would probably figure out yourself over some years of experience, just shortened into a 3 hour course with guidance. In this course, you will learn some tips on starting and stopping, techniques to improve your balance while riding, how to effectively use your gears as well as how to check your bike to ensure it is in good riding condition before you go. You will also learn some of the common dangers of riding on the pathway as well as how to mitigate those dangers. We will practice passing people in both directions, turning left and right and going up and down hills. 

Participants must provide their own bike, in good working condition, and a properly fitting, certified bike helmet. 

Adult (age 14+) course cost: $100 per participant. Maximum 2 participants. 3 hours in one session.

Note: Level 1B is for people who *already* know how to ride a bike. Do not choose this course if you need to learn how to ride. 

In Alberta, all children under the age of 18 are required to wear a properly fitting bike helmet at all times while riding their own bike or on or attached to an adult's bike (including in bike trailers). You will not be allowed to ride in a course if you forget your helmet, if it's broken or doesn't fit you properly. 

The government of Manitoba, together with CAN-BIKE Instructors, made this fun video explaining how to tell if a helmet is the right one for cycling and how to make it fit you: https://youtu.be/b6r3f7M_XOY
There are many different looking helmets, but only a few types: there's helmets that are only meant for biking, or only meant for winter sports (skiing/snowboarding, ice skating, tobogganing) and some that are meant for more than one "summer" activity (skateboarding, inline skating, biking). Any helmet - even the wrong kind - is better than no helmet if you hit your head, but please check your helmet to make sure it's the right kind for biking. 
kids biking
Some studies have found evidence that wearing a helmet increases risk-taking behaviour, like riding faster or closer to autos, and that motorists seem to give cyclists without helmets more space. Overall, cycling is a low-risk activity, even accounting for the "extra" risk of wearing a helmet. But accidents do happen, and all people make mistakes: you don't want to find yourself seriously injured or killed because something happened and you hit your head. Helmets won't save you from everything, but it's the only thing we can do that provides some protection so wearing a helmet every time makes the most sense. 
Find your helmet boring or uninteresting? Consider covering it with a Tail Wags Helmet Cover! Available in over 40 designs, made in Canada and guaranteed to fit over any kind of sport helmet, there's a Tail Wags cover for nearly every person. To see what covers I have in stock or order direct from the manufacturer through my Affiliate link, follow this link.
Tail Wags

SCC Logo is a Calgary owned and operated business dedicated to delivering CAN-BIKE courses to people of all ages. 


Melissa Malejko is the owner and only instructor. Certified in 2011, Melissa is currently the only Certified CAN-BIKE Instructor in Calgary to deliver authorized courses. Certification status can be verified here as only active, qualified instructors are listed. 

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Course offerings: 

  • Level 1 (Learn to Ride/Fundamentals of Cycling) for children (age 4-13) or adults (14 and up). Also Level 1b for adults (14 and up).
  • Level 2 (Cycling Basics/Bike Rodeo) for age 7 and up (including adults).
  • Level 3 (Core Cycling Skills) for kids (age 9-15), adults (16 and up), families (parent with one or more child aged 9 or older), or women only (age 16 and up).
  • Level 4 (Advanced Cycling Skills) for adults (16 and up) or women only (16 and up).


I have taught nearly 90 people how to ride a bike in the last 5 years with the youngest being 4 and the oldest 84. In addition, I have taken over 60 people on the road through courses that I was involved in. My city bike is a Norco Plateau (bigger than the one pictured and black in colour) Melissa Old Bikeand I also have an older Norco Bigfoot for mountain biking. You'll be able to recognize me because I always wear a zebra helmet cover from Tail Wags Helmet Covers


On a more personal level, I am a born and raised Calgarian, mom to one wonderful daughter, passionate about active transportation, and a pet lover (currently have a one-eyed dog, a cat with moderate-severe cerebellar hypoplasia, and 2 goldfish). When I'm not teaching courses, you may find me volunteering at my daughter's school, gardening, camping, attending Stampeders football games, biking for fun (city or mountain), snowshoeing, downhill skiing or ice skating (depending on the season). 

My parents bought me a bike with training wheels for my 7th birthday - in January. I did a lot of laps of the basement before it was nice enough to take it outside. I don't remember the process of taking off the training wheels, but it happened that year, because 2 days before my school picture that September, I fell off and cut my lip and skinned my leg pretty badly (photo evidence). It didn't stop me, and I've been riding ever since.

I believe in life-long learning and that there is always something new to learn. My personal goals this year: improve figure 8 in a parking stall, learn how to do a wheelie (on my mountain bike), kick my fear of the balance beam at the Chestermere bike park, attempt/master weave poles on my bike.