Safer Cycling Calgary is experiencing growth in demand and we are recruiting Assistant and Certified CAN-BIKE Instructors. 


Assistant Instructor Job Description: 

Assistants are desperately needed for 2018 to deliver Level 1 courses, mainly with kids. You will be responsible for working with a small group (up to 4) kids to teach them how to ride a bike. These courses are exclusively on weekends - not every weekend - and are weather dependent.

Assistant Instructors are also needed for Level 3 courses for kids. You will be required to help with delivering classroom, "parking lot" and on-road aspects of this course. Duties may include set up and take down of computer and projector, setting up/taking down obstacles for handling drills, riding in sweep position on road to ensure all course participants stay together and in line as well as evaluating participant's understanding of course material. These courses may take place on weekdays, weekday afternoons and/or some weekends and are not weather dependent. 

Assistant Instructors must pass Level 4 (this course will be provided for you) and will work under the supervision of a Certified CAN-BIKE Instructor.


Certified CAN-BIKE Instructor Job Description:

Certified Instructors are needed to reach my dreams: to deliver Level 3 courses directly to kids at school and run daycamps during the summer. Other courses, including Level 1, 2 & 4 teaching will also be possible, depending on preferences and desired work schedule. If you are not currently Certified, you will need a 2 year commitment (first year for training/certification, second year to work independently). 

If you are interested in learning more about CAN-BIKE in general or the Instructor Certification process, visit CAN-BIKE Canada


Qualifications (all positions):   

  • Must be able to ride a bicycle with reasonable proficiency.
  • Must provide their own bicycle, in good working condition, and an approved bicycle helmet.
  • Must be proficient in speaking and reading English.
  • Must complete Calgary Police Service background check for working with Vulnerable Sector individuals (children).
  • First Aid Certification is an asset (required for Certified Instructors).

These positions are seasonal in nature: May through September. No teaching experience needed!! Ideal for stay at home parents, post-secondary students, and semi-retired people. Must be available on weekends and some weekday evenings for 2018. 

If you are interested in becoming a Safer Cycling Calgary Instructor, please send a message through the contact form. Include your resume and/or explain your cycling experience.


All courses require participant's name and participant's (or parent/guardian's) valid email address to complete registration. Placement in course is not confirmed without payment of full course fee. 



You are able to cancel the registration within 1 business day of it’s submission without penalty. Otherwise the following will apply:

  • A cancellation made 3 weeks or more prior to the course start date will be refunded less an administration fee of 25% of the course fees.

  • A cancellation made less than 3 weeks prior to the course start date will be refunded less an administration fee of 40% of the course fees.

  • A cancellation made less than 3 days prior to the course start date will not be eligible for a refund unless due to a medical reason and then will be subject to a cancellation fee of $75.

Unfortunately, the above applies in cases of injury and/or emergency. Cancellation requests with little notice do not allow us the time to fill the associated spot and our goal is to stay in business for when you are able to attend a course. 


Transferring your registration to an alternate course will result in an administration fee as follows:

    • A transfer request with 3 weeks or more notice will be subject to a $25 administration fee.

    • A transfer request with less than 3 weeks notice will be subject to a $40 administration fee.

    • A transfer request with less than 3 days notice will be subject to a $75 administration fee.

Full payment of the administration fee will be required before registration in the alternate course will be confirmed. In the event a suitable course is not offered, the above cancellation fees will be applied.


Most Level 1 courses (adult or child) and Level 1B courses are weather dependent; a weather cancellation may occur. In the event of a weather cancellation, your registration fee will be transferred to an available later date of your choosing or fully refunded if no alternate date can be arranged.

Family Bike Rodeo!

cyclist pilons

The Family Bike Rodeo (Level 2: Cycling Basics course) is a "playground" based event that introduces cyclists to key bike handling skills they will need to ride safely on the road. It does not focus on traffic situations. Our belief is that learning traffic skills must happen on the road.

This course is designed for children aged 7+ and their parents. It is important that participants go on from the Rodeo to participate in a Level 3 course (kids, family or adults).

Level 2 Course Description:

$20 per participant, 90 minute session (2 participant minimum, 10 maximum).
For cyclists 7 and up, without training wheels; parents are encouraged to attend. The skills targeted in this course address major injury prevention concerns for children who cycle. As with swimming lessons, an investment now in cycling training for children can pay off in prevention of serious injury, and lead to greater enjoyment.


  • Helmet and clothing check
  • Bike fit and check
  • Straight line riding
  • Shoulder checking
  • Signalling
  • Braking and stopping
  • Stop and go
  • Bike security

Other activities may include: 

  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Start and coast
  • Start and pedal
  • Start, pedal, stop
  • Obstacles and games

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balance board










Please note all participants are required to have a bike that fits and is in good working order and a current, properly fitted helmet. No training wheels permitted.
(If you or your child needs to learn how to ride, see Level 1/Learn to Ride)


 2018 schedule coming soon!

Melissa downtownLevel 4: Advanced Cycling Skills (formerly CAN-BIKE 2) is an advanced course in defensive cycling for commuters and recreational cyclists who may already ride in traffic. This is an adult course for cyclists aged 16 and up with some experience riding on the road. This course will improve your confidence and skill in riding in increasingly challenging traffic situations. This course is quite often a requirement for jobs that involve cycling. Level 3 (Core Cycling Skills), or reasonable cycling experience, is required for this course.

Course objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants should feel confident to ride regularly and safely for transportation and recreational purposes, in any urban environment.

Course Outline:


  • Traffic dynamics - where to ride on the road, principles of traffic flow.
  • Equipment - basic tool kit, bicycle fit, selection, helmets, safety equipment, inspection/safety check.
  • Crashes and collisions - studies and analysis.
  • Puncture repair - patch inner tube, remove/replace tire.
  • Touring theory - riding conditions, physiology, energy systems, nutrition, straight road hazards, gearing, group riding skills.


  • Group riding - cycling technique, group riding etiquette.
  • Handling skills - straight line, shoulder check, signalling, rock dodge, threshold braking, instant/push turn.
  • Arterial roadways - lane positioning, yielding, left turns, streetcar/railway tracks, turns, lane changes, rotaries, diverges, unions, separations, multi-lanes, heavy traffic.

Cost and length:

  • Course length: up to 12 hours. 
  • Cost: $150/participant.


Note this course has an online learning component which must be completed prior to the first day.

This is a multi-day course; all sessions must be attended in full. All participants are required to provide their own properly fitting bike in good working condition, and properly fitting, certified bike helmet. Course runs rain or shine; be prepared for the weather! 

Women's only courses available; please email to inquire.


Read testimonials from previous participants here.

Level 4

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