family biking

For parents (and other related adults) and kids to learn together.


Families learn to ride safely on residential streets together. Children must be at least 9 years old to attend. 

Course outline:


  • Traffic dynamics - rules of the road, straight riding, position from the curb, riding beside parked cars, intersections, signs and signal lights, right and left turns, streetcar/railway tracks, bike trails.
  • Picking your route - choosing a safe route and planning.
  • Possible videos - Bicycle Safety Camp or A Kids' Eye View


  • Safety equipment - helmets, reasons to wear helmets, helmet fit, additional equipment.
  • Bicycle - how bikes work, equipment (visible/audible/clothing), bike fit, ABCD Bike Check, bike security, bike parts, flat tire repair.

On Road:

  • Group riding - cycling technique, group riding etiquette.
  • Handling skills - getting on and off the bike, straight line riding, shoulder check, signalling, quick stop, rock dodge, slalom, gearing, turning.
  • Riding on residential streets - position from curb, parked cars, intersections, stop signs, right of way, pedestrians, right turns, left turns, T-intersections, pedestrian style turns, traffic lights*, crossing tracks*, crosswalks, right turn only lane*, bridges and underpasses.**As appropriate to students' skill level and availability of teaching locations in local neighbourhoods.

Course structure: 

  • Course length: varies, 8-18 hours with classroom or online learning
  • Maximum 6 participants per Instructor. Children must be accompanied by a parent/guardian, max 3 children per parent/guardian.
  • All participants must be able to ride a bike without training wheels.
  • Participants must supply their own properly fitting bike in good working condition and current, certified bike helmet. 

Note this course may have an online learning component which must be completed by each participant prior to the first day.

This is a multi-day course; all sessions must be attended in full. Course runs rain or shine; be prepared for the weather! 


2020 course season is complete. Interested in 2021? Please email.