little-girl-on-bike-portrait-with-momWe at Safer Cycling Calgary value your safety when you're riding your bike. It's for this reason that we offer a number of different courses, depending on your age, level of ability, and cycling goals.

Bicycling courses aren't just for those who don't know how to ride a bike, or for those who want to ride their bike on busy roads to get to work. The most important course we offer will teach you how to ride on pathways and on residential roads, so you can use your bike for transportation to the library, a grocery store, the mall, to school, to a friend's house or on that brewery tour. It is our belief that cycling is a critical life skill and just knowing how to get balanced and pedal isn't the end of learning: learning how to use your bike as transportation is an important skill that just happens to be a lot of fun, too. 

First Time (learn to ride)

First Time is a course for those who cannot ride a bike. You will learn to balance, start, stop and turn. Child ages 4+ or Adult 14+ available.

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Beginner (the pathway course)

Beginner is a pathway cycling is a course for those who already can ride a bike, but do not have the skill or confidence to ride on the pathways. 

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Novice (bike skills clinic)

Novice is a short course for anyone (age 7+) to improve their bike handling skills. Participants must be able to ride without training wheels, start and stop on their own. Praents are encouraged to attend with their children!

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Intermediate (residential cycling) 

The Intermediate cycling course will introduce all participants to the basics of riding their bike for transportation. Topics include route planning, basic maintenance, basic handling skills and riding on residential streets. NOTE: this is not a "learn to ride" course, and all cyclists must be able to ride without significant wobbling.

Courses available for kids (age 9-15), families (adults with kids 9+), or adults (age 16+).
Full-day summer camps for kids aged 9+ here


Advanced (downtown/commuter cycling) 

The Advanced cycling course is for cyclists aged 16 and up who may already ride on the road. This is an advanced course to improve your confidence and skill in increasingly challenging traffic situations. You must already have Intermediate or higher ability level for this course. 

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Instructor Training

Instructor training is only available to those who have completed the Advanced course. More information on the process can be found here. For current year course information, see below. 

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