Tail Wags Helmet Covers


Established in 2006, Tail Wags Helmet Covers is a Toronto-based business that designs and manufactures helmet covers of the finest workmanship and quality. We are devoted to encouraging more kids and adults to wear their safety helmets.

Canadian Made

All Tail Wags products are proudly handcrafted exclusively in Canada using the finest technology, including computerized cutting. Every helmet cover is carefully inspected to ensure it meets our rigorous standards of quality. Of course, Tail Wags have been tested to ensure compliance with the CPSIA product safety regulations.

Mission Statement

Tail Wags Helmet Covers is a company whose goal is to save lives by promoting the use of safety helmets. By creating whimsical helmet covers that fit over any type of helmet used for sporting activities, Tail Wags empowers children and adults all over the world to individualize their helmets, thereby encouraging the use of those helmets. Tail Wags strives to make safety fun and stylish.

Where does Safer Cycling Calgary fit?

Safer Cycling Calgary believes strongly that the use of helmets while engaging in many activities (cycling, skiing, skateboarding, inline skating, etc) decreases the risk of sustaining a head injury. Children are often resistant to wearing helmets because they aren’t fun. In short, Tail Wags makes helmets fun! Helping to support another Canadian business is a great bonus! Buying a Tail Wags helmet cover supports 2 Canadian businesses, makes wearing a helmet more fun and interesting, and shows off your individual spirit!

Product Information

All Tail Wags helmet covers are designed to fit over any type of sports helmet: cycling, skateboard, ski/snowboard, ice skating, equestrian, etc. All covers have an integrated goggle slit on the back. Lycra covers are one size fits all; they really do fit over any helmet! Fleece covers come in child or adult size; child size may fit on an adult helmet, adult size will fit on child helmet but may not be a snug fit.

Do not be alarmed at the thought of putting a fleece cover on your bike helmet thinking you will overheat. Yes, fleece adds a layer of warmth on winter sports helmets, but these kinds of helmets are designed with few vents. Helmets for biking usually have a lot more air vents, and fleece is not wind-resistant: if you are standing still you will probably feel warmer, but if you are moving, the wind will blow through the fleece almost unhindered.


All helmet covers are $25 each.

Locally in stock helmet covers: 

ticked bird


Ticked Off Bird - child size (3 in stock)



Pink Poodle


Pink Poodle - child size (1 in stock)





Shark - adult size  (1 in stock)






Spider - child size (2 in stock)





Bumblebee - child size (1 in stock)




Lycra covers:



Viking (1 in stock)






Butterfly (3 in stock)






To purchase Tail Wags helmet covers from local stock, take note of the name (and size if applicable) and price of the cover(s) you want, and send me an email using the contact form (link will open in a new window). Online payment with credit card, PayPal, or email money transfer is available.