Safer Cycling Calgary is experiencing growth in demand and we are recruiting Assistant and Certified CAN-BIKE Instructors. 

Assistant Instructors must pass Level 4 (CAN-BIKE 2) and will work under the supervision of a Certified CAN-BIKE Instructor. Certified Instructors must complete Instructor Workshop and associated requirements for Certification as set out by Cycling Canada; Certified Instructors may work independently or with an Assistant (depending on the course). 

If you are interested in learning more about CAN-BIKE in general or the Instructor Certification process, visit CAN-BIKE Canada

Assistant Instructor Job Description: 

Assistant Instructor required to help with delivering classroom, "parking lot" and on-road cycling courses. Duties may include set up and take down of computer and projector, setting up/taking down obstacles for handling drills, riding in sweep position on road to ensure all course participants stay together and in line as well as evaluating participant's understanding of course material.

Certified CAN-BIKE Instructor Job Description

Certified Instructors will be responsible for leading their own groups, with an Assistant or adult volunteer, through the curriculum. 

Qualifications (Assistant and Certified Instructors):  

  • Must be able to ride a bicycle with reasonable proficiency.
  • Must provide their own bicycle, in good working condition, and an approved bicycle helmet.
  • Must be proficient in speaking and reading English.
  • Must complete Calgary Police Service background check for working with Vulnerable Sector individuals (children).
  • First Aid is an asset (required for Certified Instructors).

This all sounds very formal and stuffy: the reality is that you will be working with a small group (6 participants), teaching cycling-related knowledge and skills. The long-term goal is to deliver the Level 3 kids course directly to schools: you will be working directly with the kids, helping them learn how to ride their bikes for transportation. There will also be week-long summer day camps for kids. I can't get to these dreams without help. 

These positions are seasonal in nature: May through September. No teaching experience needed!! Ideal for stay at home parents, post-secondary students, and semi-retired people. 


If you are interested in becoming a Safer Cycling Calgary Instructor, please send a message through the contact form. Include your resume and/or explain your cycling experience.