Melissa downtownAdvanced Cycling Skills  is an advanced course in defensive cycling for commuters and recreational cyclists who may already ride in traffic. This is an adult course for cyclists aged 16 and up who may have some experience riding on the road. This course will improve your confidence and skill in riding in increasingly challenging traffic situations. 
Reasonable cycling experience, is required for this course. This is usually taught as a combined Intermediate and Advanced course; you need not take Intermediate first. 

Course objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants should feel confident to ride regularly and safely for transportation and recreational purposes, in any urban environment.

Course Outline:


  • Traffic dynamics - where to ride on the road, principles of traffic flow.
  • Equipment - basic tool kit, bicycle fit, selection, helmets, safety equipment, inspection/safety check.
  • Crashes and collisions - studies and analysis.
  • Flat tire repair, tool kit.
  • Route planning, bike security, riding in the dark.


  • Group riding - cycling technique, group riding etiquette.
  • Handling skills - straight line, shoulder check, signalling, rock dodge, threshold braking, instant/push turn.
  • Arterial roadways - lane positioning, yielding, left turns, streetcar/railway tracks, turns, lane changes, rotaries, diverges, unions, separations, multi-lanes, heavy traffic.

Cost and length:

  • Course length: up to 12 hours plus online learning. 
  • Cost: $175/participant.


Note this course has an online learning component which must be completed prior to the first day.

This is a multi-day course; all sessions must be attended in full. All participants are required to provide their own properly fitting bike in good working condition, and properly fitting, certified bike helmet. Course runs rain or shine; be prepared for the weather! 

Women's only courses available; please email to inquire.


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That's a wrap for 2020! Advanced is typically the first course offered in the spring: email if interested.