Family Bike Clinic!

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The Family Bike Clinic (Novice course) is a "playground" based event that introduces cyclists to key bike handling skills they will need to ride safely. This course does not prepare participants to ride on the road.

This course is designed for children aged 7+ and their parents. It is important that participants go on from the Clinic to participate in an Intermediate course (kids, family or adults).

Novice Course Description:

90 minute session; max class size 15.
For cyclists 7 and up, without training wheels; parents are encouraged to attend. The skills targeted in this course introduce participants to safe handling of the bicycle, reducing some of the risks associated with cycling. 


  • Helmet and clothing check
  • Bike fit and check
  • Straight line riding
  • Shoulder checking
  • Signalling
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Braking and stopping
  • Bike security

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balance board








In order to attend this course, participants must be a minimum of 7 years old and have the following cycling abilities:

  • Start independently
  • Balance and pedal for at least 20m
  • Stop using the brakes on the bike (coaster or hand brakes are acceptable)
  • Turn left and right
  • Ride with right hand only (left hand off the handlebar) for 3 seconds

Please note all participants are required to have a bike that fits and is in good working order and a current, properly fitted helmet. No training wheels permitted.
(If you or your child needs to learn how to ride, see First Time/Learn to Ride)


Courses will be scheduled in 2021. Please email if interested.