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Adult Intermediate
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Child First Timechildren aged 4-13 who have never ridden a bicycle

"Thank you so much for your patience, for sharing your magic and teaching Yasha how to ride! He is so proud and happy to be able to get even better now! Thanks again and I am surely going to spread the word for you!" - Nalini, mom of Yasha (7) 

"I enrolled my 5 year old son for the learn to ride program taught by Melissa - she provided an outstanding 1/2 day riding course starting from the basics, and by the end by son was riding on his own and thoroughly enjoying it - highly recommend Melissa and this program for parents wanting to get their kids riding on their own!" - Shamez

"Both my children 7 years and 10 years took the [learn to ride] course. My 10 year old had no interest in learning to ride (I think he was embarrassed he hadn’t learned beforehand) but grudgingly went anyway. 30 minutes later both kids were cycling and by the end they didn’t want to leave! They were so proud of themselves for finally getting it and have planned to go riding every morning until the end of summer. Sasha their instructor, was patient, kind and made it fun. At the end there is a short safety talk with Melissa (who knows her stuff!) and then a little bit of ride time which my kids jumped at! As class sizes are small (4 at the most), the kids get so much individual attention I felt it gave them the confidence to really let go and not be afraid to make mistakes. I am so happy I found this course and will encourage our school to take advantage of the in-school program. Thank you Melissa and Sasha!" - Caroline


Adult First Time: Adults (14+) who have never ridden a bicycle


"I was unsure about taking this course at first but, am extremely pleased I did, especially seeing that I was not the only adult in the world who could not ride a bicycle. Riding a bicycle seemed like an impossibility that I just wouldn’t be able to achieve, but once I was able to balance as suggested by Melissa, the rest just came naturally. Learning with others who were in the same boat with me is one of the reasons why I believe that I succeeded. Melissa is truly just loveable and encouraging, which helped me learn to ride at my own pace, and I have not stopped riding ever since. I would definitely recommend taking classes with Melissa as the experience all together was just positive and enjoyable. I truly just felt great afterwards as I was able to accomplish something I never thought I would as an adult who had never ridden once in her entire life. Melissa is not only patient, detailed, as well as tends to each individual’s needs but also just makes you feel like you can do anything. I am sincerely grateful for the experience and very happy to be able to now ride with my daughter." - Philomen

"I had always felt left behind, during my childhood and into my adulthood, when all my family and friends could ride bikes and go on rides. After hearing about this adult learn-to-ride, I was hopeful that I could finally join the masses who cycle without any thought or effort. I loved that the group was relatively small, and the outdoor rink setting was a perfect place to feel safe and contained! Melissa was so positive, encouraging and helpful. Within 45 minutes, FORTY-FIVE MINUTES, I was balancing on a moving bicycle!! By the end of the class, I was riding very effortlessly. I think about all that wasted time on the sidewalk outside my house, with my husband running along beside me, while I tried to keep the bike balanced and going to no avail. Now I can ride! I would highly recommend this class if you are learning to ride a bike, as you are surrounded by people in the same skill set (or lack of skill set), and as a group, we all conquered our fear of riding a bike by ourselves." - Angela

"As a child I always wanted to ride a bike. Now that I am in my forties, I thought it was too late to learn to ride a bike. Seeing people in Calgary riding bikes, I wanted to be one of them. No one could help me, my husband would just push a little and let go. I used to see youtube videos, it did not help. I thought I would never keep my feet on the pedals, never let go. I was too scared to fall. But Melissa really gave me confidence and I never thought I could do it but I did it. I never fell, not once. Her step to step procedure really works. I rode the rest of the summer and am waiting to ride this summer too. Thanks Melissa Certified Instructor you really changed my life. Finally I can tick this off my bucket list." - Merlyn

"Your team is amazing. They work very hard to make biking experience to the new bikers-to-be a fun-filled one. Thank you so much for Breanna and Sasha. I totally enjoyed being there.
I started the day of the course with a zero knowledge of biking. Ended after the course with great information and ability to bike with great confidence. I thought I would never be able to ride a bike in my life but after the course the magic came where I was able to pedal by myself. What I really liked about the approach Melissa and her team took is that they started with the very basic info. that each new learner needs, then focused on building confidence which is the most important thing for me. Very well-balanced course between theory and practice. Melissa and her team were great and worked hard to make sure that I understand everything. Course info. was informative and beneficial. Melissa answered each question I had and took the extra mile of emailing me information I requested about bike shops, parts, and bike services in Calgary. Thank you so much Melissa for the very nice course. I highly recommend this course to all who would like to learn in a safe and fun filled environment. I am preparing myself to take the other courses." - Narjes

"Thanks so much again for everything Melissa!!! I wouldn't have learned how to ride a bike without you. Your patience, encouragement, instruction, knowledge, positivity and everything made such a huge difference and really helped build my confidence. I got a ways to go but I'm headed in the right direction and I now know that I can do it so I've just gotta keep going and practice practice practice! Thank you for sharing all the tips and insight as well, your genuine passion for cycling is so awesome and inspiring :)" - Lindsay


Kids Intermediate: Young cyclists aged 9 to 13 learn to ride their bikes on residential roads


"The course was very informative and the instructor was wonderful in explaining things to the kids." - Jacqueline, mom of Marco (11) and Niko (14).

"Many thanks from a grateful mom!!" - Valerie, mom of Max (9) and Ella (11)


Adult Intermediate: Cyclists aged 14 and up learn to ride their bikes on residential roads


"I really enjoyed taking this course with Melissa, I highly recommend it to anyone and everyone! Whether you’re totally new to bike riding (like I was) or you have years of experience, I think it is so important to have knowledge regarding the rules of the road. As cyclists, we need to be treated as drivers of vehicles and the only way we can confidently do so is by having an understanding of our rights and the rules that apply to us. I am very confident when I am on my bike now. I love riding to my destination instead of sitting on a bus or driving a car, I really hope to take the more advanced lessons with Melissa in the future. She makes learning fun and instills confidence in all of her riders. Happy riding!" - Teresa




Advanced: Cyclists 16 or older learn to ride their bikes on busier urban roads


"The instructor gave concise and constructive feedback. Melissa was great at communication and being supportive while I was on the road. I liked how she gave me options depending on my own comfort level on the road. The most valuable learning experience was learning how to change lanes on a busy road with 3+ lanes." - Niko


Instructor Training: Advanced 'grads' learn how to teach courses on their own

" “In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.”
SashaOne of my biggest passion in life is learning. I love exploring new sports, skill sets, art etc. I always thought that one day I will teach, one day when I will have enough knowledge about something… When I met Melissa, she asked me when I learnt how to ride a bike and said when I was 6 (it was my Mom’s adult bike, and I wanted to learn so badly that I thought myself how to ride her bike under the frame). So then I realized that I’ve been riding a bike for over 20 years!
“20 years is enough to pass the knowledge” – I said to myself. And it’s how the journey with Safer Cycling Calgary began. First, I went through the Advanced course, just to prove that I actually can bike😊 Then I was an assistant instructor for 2018 season and by the end of the summer went through the Instructor Training course. And 2019 season I was running the First Time course at the second location in NE all by myself. It was terrifying at the beginning! Because before I knew I had Melissa to back me up and now it’s just me. But after a couple of weekends I realised that I’m not nervous anymore. I’m excited and very motivated to wake up early morning on Saturday to teach those kids! And how happy I’m to see those kids riding their bikes by the end of the course! Being proud of them and being proud of myself to teach them.
Teaching kids how to ride a bike is a constant reminder for me about how to be brave and patient, how to be curious and supportive, how to laugh and love.
Melissa, thanks a million times to you for the opportunity! " - Sasha