CAN-BIKE Instructor Certification Process

Thank you for your interest in pursuing CAN-BIKE Instructor Certification. This page will tell you more about the process so you can make an informed decision. 

1. Take Level 4, including completing online learning with 80% or higher grade, completing on-bike evaluation with 80% or higher grade and completing written (multiple choice) test (budget an extra hour on the last day of the course) with 80% or higher grade. 
2. Attend a Level 4 course, to view it from a teaching perspective rather than a student's. 
3. Take Level 5 course: this course is currently done by a National Examiner based in BC so scheduling will have to be arranged with him (he can come to Calgary for it). It will take a full weekend and cost approximately $500. 
4. Co-teach (teach with supervision) two Level 4 courses. 
5. Complete a written (long-answer) test with the Level 5 instructor & receive your certification if he thinks that you have met all criteria. 

Depending on when you are considering taking the Level 4 course, and what the schedule is with the National Examiner and other Level 4 courses, you may not be able to complete certification in one year. You will also be required to attend/co-teach other courses in addition to Level 4, to complete certification. 

Once you are certified, you will have to maintain membership with CAN-BIKE Canada and meet all their requirements to do so. 

Employment opportunity:
Safer Cycling Calgary is actively searching for staff for the current year and future years. If you are interested in working with SCC, you can be paid for the courses you attend during your training period. Once you are certified, you will be able to set your own schedule, teaching courses when you want and letting SCC handle all the registration process, marketing and recruiting assistants. 

There are 2 streams of focus: 
1. Level 1 courses, almost exclusively on weekends (adult and/or child). 
2. Level 3 courses, exclusively on weekdays - community-based afternoon courses, daycamps in the summer and eventually directly to schools in May & June. 
As a Certified Instructor, you will not be limited to teaching within these streams and there will be opportunities to teach Level 3 to adults as well as Level 4 courses; these are just the areas of focus. 

2018 wage expectations: $15/hr for assistant/training-level instructors, $20/hr for Certified Instructors (negotiable, may vary depending on level of course). 

Ongoing Discount deals:

Use coupon code "friend" to save 15% when you book 2 or more adults into the same Level 3 or Level 4 course (must use Group registration, does not apply to Level 3 Kids or Family). 

Save $5 if you send me a 311 SRN that you requested the City to offer cycling education programs through the Recreation Department. I must be able to verify at 

Previous participants of a Level 1 course can attend a repeat course for 25% off (if previous attempt was unsuccessful or you need a reminder).

Participants in any course can take any future higher level course for 15% off. 

Limited Time Offers:

Did you participate in the Rotary-Mattamy Summer 150K challenge in 2017? Coupon code for 5% off any course was available at the wrap up events, or send a photo of your completion medal to get it. Valid 2018 only. 

Level 1B: Fundamentals of Pathway Cycling

This is an unofficial course, ie it is not CAN-BIKE "approved." bike path

Level 1B aka the pathway course is also known as the time saver course as it is things you would probably figure out yourself over some years of experience, just shortened into a 3 hour course with guidance. In this course, you will learn some tips on starting and stopping, techniques to improve your balance while riding, how to effectively use your gears as well as how to check your bike to ensure it is in good riding condition before you go. You will also learn some of the common dangers of riding on the pathway as well as how to mitigate those dangers. We will practice passing people in both directions, turning left and right and going up and down hills. 

Participants must provide their own bike, in good working condition, and a properly fitting, certified bike helmet. 

Adult (age 14+) course cost: $100 per participant. Maximum 2 participants. 3 hours in one session.

Note: Level 1B is for people who *already* know how to ride a bike. Do not choose this course if you need to learn how to ride. 

Level 1B (Adult) 10am-1pm

adult pathway picture

Level 1B is desgined to teach participants tips for starting and stopping with ease, techniques to improve your balance while riding, how to use gears (if applicable) and more. 

Participants must provide their own bike, in good working condition, and a properly fitting, certified bike helmet.  

Adult course: for ages 14+

Maximum 2 participants. 

Note: this is NOT a Learn to Ride course: participants must already know how to ride a bike. 

Event Properties

Event Date Monday, 06 August 2018
Event End Date Monday, 06 August 2018
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Cut off date Wednesday, 01 August 2018
Individual Price $100.00
Kingsland Park
510 Heritage Drive SW
Kingsland Park
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Venue Information - Kingsland Park

You can park at the Trap & Gill (sign also says Studio 82). Please do not park at the Rose Kohn Arena. 

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If no courses are listed, please email: this course is scheduled on demand.