We offer a number of different courses, depending on your age, level of ability, and cycling goals. It is our belief that cycling is a critical life skill and just knowing how to get balanced and pedal isn't the end of learning: there's a lot more to learn and we have courses to teach you. 

  • First Time

    Also known as 'learn to ride:' for those who cannot ride a bike. Child (4+) or Adult (14+)

  • Beginner

    "The pathway course." For those who can already ride but lack the confidence or skill to ride on the pathways.

  • Novice

    Bike skills clinic: for those 7 years or older who can already ride and want to learn some additional handling skills.

  • Intermediate Kids

    Our most important course: this version is for kids aged 9-15. 

  • Intermediate Family

    This version of our most valuable course is for kids aged 9+ with parent(s).

  • Intermediate Kids Camp

    This is a summer day camp version of Intermediate for kids aged 9-15.

  • Intermediate Adult

    The version of Intermediate only for those 14 years or older.

  • Advanced

    To improve your confidence and skill in increasingly complex traffic situations: for those 16 years or older who live or work downtown or in busy areas.

  • Instructor Training

    To learn how to become an Instructor


course for you

Course listing:

First Time is a learn to ride course for those who haven't yet learned to ride a bike. For children aged 4-13 or adults 14 years or older.

Beginner, the pathway course, is for those who can already ride but aren't confident enough to ride on the pathways yet. 

Novice, also known as bike skills clinic, is a short course for cyclists 7 years or older to learn basic handling skills.

Intermediate, the most valuable course we offer, will teach cyclists how to ride on residential roads. Because bike infrastructure will never go from every front door to every destination, you will have to ride on the road at some point in time. Available for kids aged 9-15, as a summer camp for kids aged 9-15, for families or for adults 14 years of age or older.

Advanced builds on Intermediate knowledge and skills to enable cyclists to ride on busier roads including downtown. This course is only available for those aged 16 or more.  

Instructor training, as expected, is for those who are interested in teaching any of our courses themselves. The process is outlined here and the course structure is here.