Instructor Certification Process

Thank you for your interest in pursuing Instructor Certification. This page will tell you more about the process so you can make an informed decision. 

1. Take the Advanced course, including completing online learning with 80% or higher grade, completing on-bike evaluation with 80% or higher grade and completing written (multiple choice) test with 80% or higher grade.
2. Attend one of each course you'd like to teach, to view it from a teaching perspective rather than a student's (if possible). 
3. Take the Instructor training course, completing all required components for the desired level of certification.
4. Complete additional training & other requirements:  
    a. complete first aid certification
    b. complete police vulnerable sector check (if appropriate)
    c. complete required NCCP programs
    d. complete associated practicum (see below)
5. Complete a written (long-answer) evaluation. 

Practicum requirements:
- Co-teach (teach with supervision) one or two courses at each level you'd like to teach. 

Depending on when you start, scheduling of the Instructors Training, and scheduling the required practicum courses, you may not be able to fully complete certification in one year. 

Employment opportunity:
Safer Cycling Calgary is actively searching for staff for the current/upcoming year and future years. If you are interested in working with SCC, you can be paid for the courses you attend during your training period. Once you are certified, you will be able to set your own schedule, teaching courses when you want and letting SCC handle all the registration process, marketing and recruiting assistants (if necessary). 

Safer Cycling Calgary has 2 streams of focus: 
1. First Time courses, almost exclusively on weekends (adult and/or child). 
2. Intermediate courses, exclusively on weekdays - community-based afternoon courses, daycamps in the summer and eventually directly to schools in May & June. 

2022 wage expectations: $17/hr for assistant/training-level instructors, $20/hr (or percentage of registration fees) for Certified Instructors. 

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