Melissa downtownThis is a course in defensive cycling for those who live or work in areas with busier roads. You will improve your confidence and skill in riding in increasingly challenging traffic situations. 

Reasonable cycling experience is required for this course. This is usually taught as a combined Novice, Intermediate and Advanced course; there are no prerequisite courses in this format.

Course objectives:

Upon completion of the course, participants should feel confident to ride regularly and safely for transportation and recreational purposes, in any urban environment.

Course Outline:


Traffic Dynamics
Traffic Dynamics
Rules of the road, where to ride on the road, principles of traffic flow.
Crashes and Collisions
Studies, analysis, risk mitigation.
Maintenance and Equipment
Basic tool kit, bicycle fit, selection, helmets, safety equipment, inspection/safety check, flat tire repair.
Route planning, bike security, riding in the dark, nutrition.


Group Riding
Group Riding
Technique, etiquette.
Advanced Handling Skills
Skills to prevent crashes.
Riding on arterials and other busy roads.

Course structure:

  • Maximum 6 participants per instructor. 
  • Minimum age: 16 years. There is no maximum age. 
  • All participants must be able to ride a bike comfortably on pathways; see pre-course skills evaluation. 
  • Participants must provide their own properly fitting bike in good working condition, and a properly fitting, certified bike helmet. (A bike with gears is highly recommended.)

Course runs rain, snow or shine: be prepared for the weather!

Participant pre-course skills evaluation

In order to attend this course, participants must have the following cycling abilities:

  • Start independently
  • Balance and pedal
  • Stop using the brakes on the bike (coaster or hand brakes are acceptable)
  • Turn left and right
  • Ride with right hand only (left hand off the handlebar) for 3 seconds
  • Be comfortable riding on pathways.

We reserve the right to remove a participant from the course if their skills are inadequate to continue. Fee adjustment will be applicable only if we feel your abilities are not appropriate for the Advanced road ride component. 

Cost and length:

  • Course length: 12 hours plus online learning. 
  • $210.00 including GST per participant.
  • Download more information here

Women's only courses may be available; please email to inquire.

Scheduled Dates:

No currently scheduled courses. Please email if you would like to schedule a course.

Note this course has an online learning component which must be completed by each participant prior to the first day. This is a multi-day course; all sessions must be attended in full. We cannot accommodate participants for the remainder of the course if any part of a session is missed.


Registration Process:

  1. Click on the course date to open the registration form.
  2. Complete the registration form.
    1. use Individual Registration if you want to register only a single person;
    2. use Group Registration if you want to register 2 or more people in the same course date/time. 
  3. Complete payment. 

Please be sure to read the Terms & Conditions before completing registration, as well as the detailed information emailed to you following registration. 



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