bike pathCalgary has over 1000km of multi-use pathway including approximately 150km which forms a route encircling the entire city: learn how to ride the pathways with confidence.


Participants learn skills to build confidence, mitigate risks and deal with common pathway situations.

Course outline:

  • Bike and helmet check.
  • Starting and stopping.
  • Using gears.
  • Common pathway risks and how to mitigate.
  • Passing other pathway users.
  • Bike security.

Course structure:

  • Maximum 2 participants per instructor.
  • Minimum age: 14 years. No maximum age. (Family courses will be considered)
  • All participants must be able to ride a bike without significant wobbling.
  • Participants must supply their own properly fitting bike in good working condition and current, certified bike helmet. (This course is ebike compatible.)

Cost and length:

  • Course length: 3 hours in a single session.
  • Cost: $100 per participant.

Note: Beginner is for people who *already* know how to ride a bike. Do not choose this course if you need to learn how to ride. 

2021 Course dates:

This course is typically scheduled on demand: please email us!

There are no up-coming events

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