cyclist pilons

Novice will teach key skills targeting injury prevention and introduce cyclists to riding on very quiet residential roads. 


Participants will be introduced to skills essential to safe handling of the bicycle, reducing some of the risks associated with cycling.

Course outline:

  • Helmet and clothing check
  • Bike fit and check
  • Straight line riding
  • Signalling
  • Braking and stopping
  • Bike security
  • Introduction to on-road riding

Course structure:

  • Maximum 6 participants per instructor.
  • Minimum age 7 years (no exceptions). No maximum age: adults are encouraged to attend! 
  • All participants must be able to ride a bike without training wheels. (See ability assessment below.)
  • Participants must supply their own properly fitting bike in good working condition and current, certified bike helmet. 

Participant pre-course skills evaluation

In order to attend this course, participants must have the following cycling abilities:

  • Start independently
  • Balance and pedal for at least 20m
  • Stop using the brakes on the bike (coaster or hand brakes are acceptable)
  • Turn left and right
  • Ride with right hand only (left hand off the handlebar) for 3 seconds

We reserve the right to deny participation in the on-road portion of the course if participant does not have adequate abilities. No fee adjustment will be available.

Cost and length:

  • Course length: 2 hrs (including on-road portion)
  • $31.50 including GST per participant.

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Thank you for a wonderful and busy 2022! 2023 schedule will be available in November.

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