Assistant CAN-BIKE Instructors needed to help with delivery of CAN-BIKE courses in Calgary and area.

Level 1, aka Learn to Ride, for kids aged 4-13 or adults 14+ to learn how to ride a bike. You will work with or near a Certified Instructor, with a group of up to 4 participants, to teach them how the bike works, how to do a safety check, how to learn to glide and then pedal. 3 hour course, 2 per day, weekends only.

Level 2, Cycling Basics, for people 7+ who already know how to ride a bike. You will work with or near a Certified Instructor, with a group of up to 10 participants, to teach them basic handling skills like straight line riding, hand signals and shoulder checks. 90 min course, 4 possible per day, weekends only.

Level 3, Core Cycling Skills, is offered for competent cyclists age 9+ in kids only and families with kids 9+ formats. You will work with a Certified Instructor to assist with teaching participants handling skills as well as on-road riding. When on road, you will be monitoring participants position and behaviour and offering feedback to help them improve. 8 hour course divided into 4 sessions, once a week, weekday or weekend. Half day day-camp version also for 2 weeks: 3 hours x 5 week days (15 hr total).

Level 4, Advanced Cycling Skills, for somewhat experienced cyclists aged 16+. You will not be required to help with this course if you do not intend to pursue instructor certification but you will have to take it in order to become an assistant. 12 hours split between 2 x 3 hr evening sessions and 1 x 6 hr weekend session.

All Assistants are required to be reasonably competent cyclists: additional training when you take Level 4. You must provide your own bicycle, with proper fit and in good working condition: road bikes not acceptable for teaching Level 1 or 2. Electric-assist bikes are ok but must be able to operate without assist. All Assistants and participants required to wear a properly fitting bike helmet. Uniform, which is provided, consists of a helmet cover and SCC t-shirt. All essential tools provided. Virtually all work takes place outdoors and you must be able to stand and/or ride your bike for up to 3 hours at a time. Successful completion of Level 4 course is required to secure this position (there is a cost to this), or proof of recent completion of this course elsewhere.

Assistants must provide, at your own expense, a clean Vulnerable Sector Calgary Police Background Check.

This is a part time job with lots of room for other work. Hours vary depending on the week from as low as 6 hours per week (1 day) to potentially 40+ hours (6 days) in a week however schedule is not flexible.

Interested Assistants will have the opportunity to pursue instructor certification and/or future employment.

No teaching experience is required, though obviously an asset. Include relevant experience, particularly experience working with kids, in your application. Also describe your cycling style or experience (what kind of cycling you do/like).

If you are interested in learning more about CAN-BIKE in general or the Instructor Certification process, visit CAN-BIKE Canada



Qualifications (all positions):

  • Must be able to ride a bicycle with reasonable proficiency.
  • Must provide their own bicycle, in good working condition, and an approved bicycle helmet.
  • Must be proficient in speaking and reading English (second languages are an asset).
  • Must complete Calgary Police Service background check for working with Vulnerable Sector individuals (children).
  • First Aid Certification is an asset (required for Certified Instructors).


If you are interested in becoming a Safer Cycling Calgary Instructor, please send a message through the contact form. Include your resume and explain your cycling experience as well as a copy of your Vulnerable Sector check (if you already have it) and CAN-BIKE course completion certificates (if applicable).