Yes, you've seen the photos; only skinny people ride bikes, right? And the only reason overweight people ride bikes is to lose weight? 


Losing weight is a common goal, and cycling can help you lose weight. But more importantly, riding a bike is an excellent form of low-impact exercise! Better than driving to the gym to ride the stationary bike and face stares from the ridiculously fit people, hop on your bike in your usual clothes (with minor additions to your wardrobe) and go for a bike ride. 

This is an excellent blog article on cycling as an overweight person. 

None of the courses offered by Safer Cycling Calgary require you to be a skinny, athletic person. The on-road courses ride at a reasonably slow pace with lots of stops to discuss things (and rest). The non-road courses only require you to work as hard as your body allows. Please don't think you can't or shouldn't ride a bike because you're heavier than "ideal." There is always something to learn, and cycling is accessible to all people who have the desire. 

A little secret: I'm not classified as obese, but I judge myself just the same for the extra weight I'm carrying. The first time I saw this photo, my first thought was "holy I have a big belly!" I bike because I like it, not to lose weight, and I refuse to feel guilty about my cookie addiction (I have at least 2 cookies everyday!). 

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