Maintaining your bike is important

A bike is a machine, and like any machine it has parts that need maintenance. Basic maintenance that you can do at home will save you time, hassle and money in addition to ensuring the longevity of your bike overall.

YouTube is an excellent source for information on how to do some of your own bike work (though is not a replacement for actual courses to teach you or professionals to do the work for you), if you want to do some things that are otherwise an expensive hassle at a bike shop. Worth repeating: professional bike mechanics exist for a reason but basic minor maintenance or the changing of things like shift cables can be done at home, saving the mechanics to work on things you can't.

Park Tool makes excellent videos and while many of their tools are not worth the cost (when it would cost as much as having a professional do the job, just have the professional do the job), there are a lot of things you can do without any special tools. Some videos which I've personally used and recommend: 

GCN also has tons of excellent videos, including:

Professional help

Feeling overwhelmed? Don't want to work on your own bike? Need parts? No problem! Here's a list of local bike shops that have professional bike mechanics with all the tools and expertise to help you out:

Some SportChek locations also have bike mechanics in their service shop. Supporting your local bike shop is preferable, but if all you can access is a SportChek, that's better than not getting the work done at all!

Help that comes to you

Not everyone has an auto, or the ability to transport bikes with their auto, so Calgary has a number of options that will come to you.