Do you have difficulty with balance due to inner ear, brain or physical challenges? Are you visually impaired? Perhaps you use a wheelchair but want to bike? Or maybe you know someone who has different needs and want to help them to bike more?

  • Balance

    Balance issues? An adult tricycle may be the answer!

  • Vision

    Vision problems may necessitate use of a tandem bike.

  • Physical

    Paralysis or lower body problems won't stop you from biking.

  • Senior or other
    Senior or other

    Seniors, people with certain mental or physical challenges can still benefit from biking.

While some of the skills covered in Safer Cycling Calgary courses only apply to "typical" bikes operated by "normal" people, there's a lot of knowledge about biking that is essential whether you ride a tricycle, tandem, recumbent or other modified bike or care for someone with special needs. We can accommodate just about anything in a regular course, or customize for you. 

Calleigh learns to bikeAutism, sensory processing disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other challenges are not insurmountable. People with these disorders may be able to learn how to bike on their own, and/or we can teach their caregivers how to ensure their safety while biking. 

Please contact us to discuss your needs!